Sergio Mora-Diaz



Aether is a live motion capture dance performance and VR experience, designed and choreographed from the ancestral use of sacred geometry and the four embodied elements: water, fire, earth and air. The dancers’ movements are tracked and translated to 3D avatars emitting different particle systems in real time, based on the visual properties and behavior of each element. With Aether, the artists seek to create an immersive live experience through movement, interactive 3D graphics and music, crafting a cohesive narrative that juxtaposes ancestral knowledge with cutting edge technology.

The project was developed using Unreal Game Engine to create the 3D live visuals and Perception Neuron suits to track the movements of the dancers. It was conceived as collaboration between students from the Interactive Telecommunications Program and Integrated Digital Media Program at NYU, and was included as a part of ITP’s Experiments in Storytelling research initiative supported by Google. The project has been showcased at National Sawdust, World Maker Faire, Pioneer Works and Dance on Camera festival at the Lincoln Center, among others.


Aether es un espectáculo en vivo de danza y captura de movimiento y una experiencia de VR, diseñado y coreografiado a partir del uso ancestral de la geometría sagrada y los cuatro elementos: agua, fuego, tierra y aire. Los movimientos de las bailarinas son rastreados y traducidos a avatares 3D emitiendo diferentes sistemas de partículas en tiempo real, basados en las propiedades visuales y el comportamiento de cada elemento. Con Aether, los artistas buscan crear una experiencia inmersiva en vivo a través del movimiento, gráficos 3D interactivos y música, elaborando una narrativa que yuxtapone conocimientos ancestrales con tecnología de vanguardia.

El proyecto fue desarrollado utilizando Unreal Game Engine para crear las visuales 3D en vivo y trajes Perception Neuron para rastrear los movimientos de los bailarines. Fue concebido como colaboración entre estudiantes de Interactive Telecommunications Program e Integrated Digital Media de la Universidad de Nueva York, y fue incluido como parte de la iniciativa de investigación Experiments in Storytelling de ITP apoyada por Google. El proyecto ha sido exhibido en National Sawdust, World Maker Faire, Pioneer Works y el festival Dance on Camera en el Lincoln Center, entre otros.




Creative team: LaJuné McMillian, Sergio Mora-Diaz, Ruudy Liu and Kat Sullivan
Composers/Musicians: Darren Solomon and Alon Ilsar
Dancers: Alison Lehuanani DeFranco, Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone and Kat Sullivan
Supported by Integrated Digital Media and Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU


Tools used

Motion Capture: Noitom Perception Neuron
Programming: Unreal Engine
Data: Max/MSP/Jitter
Projection Mapping: MadMapper



May 14, 2017
Second Sundays at Pioneer Works
Brooklyn, New York

February 3-7, 2017
Dance on Camera Festival
Lincoln Center
New York City, New York

November 17, 2016
LSC After Dark
Liberty Science Center
Jersey City, New Jersey

September 23-24, 2016
World Maker Faire
New York Hall of Science
Queens, New York

June 16, 2016
National Sawdust
Brooklyn, New York

December 18, 2015
Bodies in Motion Show
Media and Games Network, NYU
Brooklyn, New York


Selected Press

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2017 – 《以太》新兴舞蹈艺术诠释自然美, 环球文化网, Global Culture Network
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2016 – Inside Aether: The live motion capture dance performance seen at LSC After Dark, Liberty Science Center Blog
2016 – NYC Maker Faire 2016: The best wearable, VR and smart home tech, Wearable