Sergio Mora-Diaz

Liminal Space


Liminal Space explores the creation of a temporary environment through collective motion, lights and sounds, transporting participants from their everyday reality to a meaningful shared experience.

In rituals and sacred experiences, liminality refers to a threshold of consciousness, the boundary between ordinary and alternate reality. It’s that place where our non-rational, imaginative, open-hearted self takes over. Liminal Space seeks to create an experience that sacralizes space, time and the connection among people through their active participation. It is composed of an arrangement of vertical translucent fabrics, dynamic lights and sounds that react to people’s gestures using their mobile phones. The device we carry in our pocket acquires a new meaning throughout the experience. It allows people to interact with the dynamic environment and with one another, improvising a ritual that creates, for a moment, an imaginary shared world.

The project is an immersive environment but also a happening performed by the visitors of the experience, simultaneously connecting and triggering the interactive audiovisual elements that conform the space. Through a mobile web application that tracks different motion gestures and guided by a conductor, participants are able to modify the dynamic behavior of the room, interacting with each other and with their surroundings. This is primarily a research on how to connect people through their movements in an environment of light and sound and also an exploration on human perception, by bringing them outside of their everyday reality while they step into an imaginary collective space.

Digital technologies, as an extension of our senses and all our human capabilities, are a way to explore connection and communication in new ways. My goal is to take people away from the individual interactions they have with their devices everyday, and bring them back into the physical world. I want to create shared experiences that enhance the dialog between our body and our environment, allowing people to become aware of their presence among others, becoming users and shapers of transitory physical spaces.